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Telink Receives “Outstanding IOP Contribution Award” from Bluetooth SIG

September 16, 2022

The Telink Mesh Team was recently awarded the “Outstanding IOP Contribution Award” by the Bluetooth SIG. The award recognizes the work and creativity of innovators, developers, and designers who are pushing the limits of wireless connectivity with Bluetooth technology. This year’s winners represent the real potential to deliver innovations that help make the Internet of Things a reality.

The Telink Mesh Team is recognized for their outstanding IOP contributions toward the validation of the Mesh Profile 1.1 enhancements and Device Firmware Update specification. The team contributed more than 25 percent of the results entered. A fabless IC design company of state-of-the-art wireless connectivity SoCs, Telink Semiconductor maintains a comprehensive product portfolio and is a leading IC supplier in the field.

In the future, Telink Semiconductor will continue to improve product performance and enrich product offerings through R&D and technology iterations to further improve the company’s overall strength and provide customers with cost-effective IoT SoC products.