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Established hardware. Custom protocols.

Simple, proven, mature, flexible SOCs designed for 2.4GHz give device-makers a clear (and cost-effective) path to market when standard protocols are undesired or unnecessary.

Benefits of 2.4GHz


Offering Bluetooth LE’s economies of scale without the added development requirements, 2.4GHz strips unnecessary protocols from well-established hardware, which equates to lower costs across the board.

Fast to market

No standards, no problem. 2.4GHz means industry-leading hardware stripped bare of the red tape associated with developing for industry standards.


If you can dream it, you can build it. Powerful hardware in its rawest form, 2.4GHz allows hardware developers to create proprietary protocol stacks for custom applications.

Applications for 2.4GHz

The de facto radio frequency band for the IoT, 2.4GHz has applications spanning every vertical and device class. For applications that call for custom or proprietary protocols outside the industry standard, developers have access to well-proven silicon in Telink’s 2.4GHz SOCs.

Telink Chips for 2.4GHz


Versatile 2.4GHz SoC with Flash and ROM options, high performance RF, and low power consumption. Suitable for a wide variety of applications.


OTP-based SoC optimized for use in generic 2.4GHz RF applications.


OTP-based SoC optimized for use in wireless mice, keyboards and PC accessory dongles.

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