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Never too many connections.

From data transfer to audio streaming, multiple peripheral devices can connect over both types of Bluetooth radios simultaneously to the central device powered by a Telink dual-mode SoC and multiconnection SDK.

Telink SoCs

Benefits of Telink Solution

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Bluetooth Dual-Mode

Telink offers dualmode Bluetooth capabilities on a single chip, simplifying hardware design, lowering system cost, and allowing for more innovative products.

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Developed based on proven technology, Telink’s multi-connection SDK supports simultaneous Bluetooth Classic and multiple Bluetooth LE connections.

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Seamless Multitasking

Telink’s highperformance SoCs and mature SDK enable stable connections to multiple Bluetooth peripherals simultaneously, even in the most complex multitasking use cases.

Solutions for Bluetooth®Multi-connection

Bluetooth Combination Mark

Universal USB Dongle

When plugged into a USB port on a PC, a universal dongle acts as the center of multiple Bluetooth peripherals, letting a user operate the PC, stream music, or make voice calls all at the same time.

Bluetooth Combination Mark

Bluetooth Controller

When connected to the host chip in a bigger system like STB or TV, Telink’s chip can function as the dual-mode Bluetooth controller, allowing simultaneous wireless connections to multiple peripherals

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