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Remote Controls


A solution for every protocol.

We build chips for RF4CE, chips for Bluetooth® LE, and chips that support both. Designed for reliable high performance RF, compatibility, and cost-efficiency, Telink’s product line gives hardware developers the flexibility they need to build feature-packed, user-friendly remote controls, scale rapidly, and adjust on the fly to new entertainment technology.

Built for the Future of Entertainment



Dependable connectivity, no matter your protocol. Highly capable in challenging environments.



Our chips power remotes for some of the largest set-top box providers in the world. We’ve developed multi-mode solutions that deliver substantial cost-efficiencies and unparalleled flexibility.

Voice Control

From voice recognition over the cloud to local keyword spotting, Telink offers cutting-edge systems that maximize the impact of the latest features and functionality.

Total Control

RF remote controls outperform traditional IR remotes in all respects, which allows consumers control over their appliances over incredibly long ranges, even when there’s no line-of-sight connection.

RF-based remotes also provide consumers control over a variety of appliances that normally require manual control — not just consumer electronics, but fans, lights, and shutters, and even furniture. This promises greater convenience and also an added layer of reliability. Telink’s technologies help consumers engage with their devices with less frustration, higher dependability, and greater convenience.

Beat Your Competition to Market

With Telink’s reference designs for voice remotes, you can rapidly iterate on hardware designs, push your device into production, and scale your delivery. We also offer cable service provider remotes, streaming box remotes, and connected device remotes for even more benefits.

Telink delivers proven compatibility with major service providers’ set-top box platforms via RF4CE and other technologies. Consumers always seek better ways to interact with their entertainment tech. Our voice-enabled RCU SDKs help device-makers create the services they need to satisfy the latest and most groundbreaking consumer trends.

The Telink Smart Remote Architecture

Every remote is different, and Telink’s product line can meet the requirements of every single one. We power millions of remotes across every device class — no matter your IO, power requirements, or feature demands. We integrate everything you need into a small, cost-efficient package and support all required protocols — even the ones you might need in the future.

Our hardware and software stack provides the customizability, efficiency and cost-sensitivity necessary to build remote controls that excel in the market. Meanwhile, we offer a wide array of development resources — kits, schematics and modules — to help you get to market faster and help your customers connect better.

Solutions for Smart Remote Controls

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