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Built for the IoT, From the Ground Up


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Who We Are

Founded in 2010, Telink is dedicated to building the future of the Internet of Things. Our best-in-class research and development team, strategic technology partnerships, and global supply chain ecosystem together make Telink the leading SoC producer focused on IoT implementations in the world.

Telink Technologies


Waste not, want not. We aim for efficient performance, and to do more with each clock where our stack and your application is run and managed. Do the work without wasting energy.


Industry-leading efficiency means great maximum sensitivity and a high maximum output, but also the ability to balance the right performance with more desirable power consumption.

Protocol Stacks

We wrote (and certified) our protocol stacks to run efficiently, leaving maximum room for your application, but we also support customizations for very specific needs.


Dr. Wenjun Sheng

Chief Executive Officer

As Co-Founder and CEO of Telink Semiconductor, Dr. Wenjun Sheng possesses over 20 years of industry experience and 30 patents in semiconductor product design. Prior to Telink, he was the VP of RFIC at Wiscomm Microsystem Inc., Director of Engineering at Spreadtrum Communications Inc., and held key technical positions at Qualcomm and Silicon Labs.

Mingjian Zheng

Chief Technical Officer

Mingjian Zheng has over 20 years’ experience in semiconductor design. He is a co-founder of Telink Semiconductor and is responsible for R&D activities. Prior to this, Mingjian served as an engineering director in Ominivision Technologies Inc, where he led system and digital development. He holds BS and MS degree in Electronic Engineering from Tsinghua University.

Dr. Haipeng Jin

Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Haipeng Jin is co-founder of Telink and currently also sits on the Bluetooth SIG Board of Directors as an Associate Member Director. Previously, Dr. Jin worked with Qualcomm’s R&D and Standard Group. Acquiring multiple patents throughout his career, he has also authored multiple international journal and conference papers.

Dr. Bo Wang

EVP of Sales, China/APAC

Bo Wang is responsible for Sales and Marketing in APAC. Prior to this, Bo held senior and executive marketing roles at Qualcomm and Altobeam. He has an MBA degree from Beijing University and BS/Ph.D. degree in Electronics Engineering from TsingHua University.

Dan Harper

ROW VP of Sales

Dan Harper is responsible for Sales and Marketing for The ROW (Rest of The World). Prior to this, Dan held senior leadership positions with Knowles, Dialog and Texas Instruments in both The US and Europe. He has a Bachelor’s degree from The University of Leicester and an MBA in Sales and Marketing Leadership from The University of Warwick Business School, both in The UK.

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