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Electronic Shelf Labels


Central Deployment. Flexible Management. Full Control.

From dynamic centralized pricing and in-store heat-mapping to automated inventory management, ESL solutions are leading a digital transformation in retail. It’s all happening on the shoulders of Telink’s low-power mesh SoCs designed for seamless management, flexible configuration, and cost-effective ESL deployment.

Off-the-Shelf Connectivity

Optimized timing

Outside the (Big) Box Solutions

Save valuable time and resources spent manually updating inventory, pricing and product data.

End-to-End Connectivity

Give your inventory a voice — one that a retail management system understands and can control easily.

Minimal Maintenance

We design our chips to be low-maintenance so that your price management solution can be low-maintenance, too

Compatibility Baked In

Our SoCs enable cost-efficient, feature-rich ESL solutions that will work with anything, regardless of which ESL controller or application your customer is using. Our multi-protocol chips facilitate the manufacture of reliable ESLs via 2.4GHz or IEEE 802.15.4 with support for custom stacks designed for the unique environments where they must perform.

Given the quantity and density of devices that compose a majority of ESL applications, mesh represents an opportune solution. Telink was first-to-market with a production-ready mesh lighting solution, and the combination of our proprietary mesh protocol, our SIG standard mesh protocol, and years of experience supporting hardware partners throughout the entire development process makes us a perfect partner for ESL.

Low-Power for Long Life

Our chips are designed for supreme power efficiency in mesh environments. They’re perfect for retail installations where the chore of replacing paper tags shouldn’t be replaced with the task of replacing batteries. And we’re constantly honing our hardware and software for maximal efficiency, enabling quantitative efficiency improvements that form the basis of qualitative advancements.

Our mesh technology is mature, stable, and highly customizable, meaning our partners can seamlessly write custom code tailored to their unique needs and environments.

The Telink Electronic Shelf Label Architecture

Retail spaces are highly complex and incredibly diverse; no two RF environments are the same, which means no two RF solutions should be the same either. That’s why we not only deliver chips that outperform on RF, but also provide a range of SoCs designed to work perfectly in a variety of environments — from sparsely-stocked warehouses to high-density, high-traffic retail spaces.

Optimized for our proprietary IP, our mesh stack delivers better performance and greater efficiency for electronic shelf label applications. With customized hardware solutions — plus high-efficiency protocol stacks — our chips are forming the foundation on which the next generation of ESL networks will be built.

Solutions for Smart ESLs

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