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Bluetooth Mesh


Lose the bridge

Telink chips power millions of devices running on Bluetooth mesh. We’ve paired powerful hardware with an industry-leading protocol stack to put true Bluetooth mesh connectivity into the hands of the world’s largest device-makers. Someone has a bridge to sell you, and it’s not us — not with Bluetooth mesh.

Benefits of Bluetooth Mesh

The Future of Mesh

One of the first to develop smart lighting solutions for Bluetooth mesh, we continue to pioneer the future of consumer mesh connectivity on Bluetooth LE.

Your users, at the center of the IoT

Telink silicon puts Bluetooth-enabled consumer devices at the heart of IoT, giving users the ability to control their devices straight out of the box.

The benefits of Bluetooth, now plus Mesh

The industry’s most popular short-range communications protocol with a true-blue IoT network architecture.

Applications for Bluetooth Mesh

Bluetooth transformed for the IoT, Bluetooth mesh combines the benefits of original mesh networks like Zigbee with Bluetooth’s massive installed user base. The possibilities are endless.

Telink Chips for Bluetooth Mesh


Bluetooth LE Chip supporting BLE 5.1, with high performance RF, and low power consumption.


Low-cost Bluetooth LE Chip for cost-sensitive and simple mesh applications.


Market-tested Bluetooth LE Chip for a wide variety of mesh applications. Available with support for extended temperature operation.

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