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Location Services


Achieve more precise location information.

Accurate location information is the cornerstone of use cases like tracking assets inside a building or finding one’s way in a complex indoor facility. IoT devices can use approaches like received signal strength indicator (RSSI), angle of arrival (AoA), angle of departure (AoD), or even more sophisticated algorithms to deliver highly precise location services.

Telink SoCs

Benefits of Telink Solution

Bluetooth Combination Mark

Bluetooth® 5.1 Support

Telink’s latest SoCs fully support AoA/AoD, a key feature set introduced by Bluetooth version 5.1, to enable better indoor positioning and asset tracking services.

Real-Time Location

By combining highprecision RSSI and AoA/AoD technologies, Telink’s SoCs support complex algorithms that report location information in real time.

Future Proof

Telink’s chips reserve hardware support for future Bluetooth specifications that will take the performance of indoor location services to the next level.

Solutions for Location Services

Location services

Bluetooth LE

Telink’s Bluetooth LE chips support mature, cost-effective RSSI-based beacons that are an essential part of most location solutions.


Telink offers customers AoA/AoD demos, reference code, and quick guides to facilitate further development.

High-Accuracy Distance Measurement

Telink’s Bluetooth LE-based technologies add advanced distance measurement capabilities to devices.

Apple Find My Network

Telink provides comprehensive solution for customers who want to equip their products with the power of Apple’s Find My network.

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