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Activating the next generation of smart lighting solutions.

Telink chips power cutting-edge smart lighting systems at scale. The future of intelligent lighting is a world where everything just works. We make that future happen today with high-efficiency, cost-effective SOCs designed to enable interoperability straight out of the box.

Switch on the Power of Telink

High performance

We design chips to suit nearly every smart lighting application and use case, from residential to commercial.


Our chips are designed with the future in mind. The best smart lighting products are built to support every ecosystem.


Telink chips excel in a variety of applications and use cases, spanning commercial, residential, and industrial markets.

Get to Market Faster

Leverage our expertise in hardware, software, and communication protocols to bring your product to market faster. Apple HomeKit developers have access to Telink’s HomeKit-certified SDK, which ensures a much faster approval process.

Telink’s best-in-class mesh expertise and outstanding customer support will help you focus on what you do best in product and experience development. Our mesh development kits offer you the ability to get started fast, and our roster of partners — experts in LED drivers, modules, manufacturing, and more — will work with you to ensure that your product is set up for success as soon as you want to take it to market.

Finely Tuned Systems, Custom Built for You

We optimize hardware, networking, and application layers to guarantee your smart lighting products perform as intended — right out of the box.

We’ve shipped millions of lighting products on our platforms, so our systems are tried, tested, and tried again, all at scale. With well-established reference designs for each protocol, developers that choose Telink will have access to some of the best — and most proven — technologies in the business.

The Telink Smart Lighting Architecture

Telink is pioneering solutions for LED lighting across a wide range of device classes for both consumer and enterprise applications, as evidenced by our longstanding partnerships with companies around the world. Whether you need a smart lighting solution for HomeKit, Bluetooth mesh, Zigbee, or a custom combination, we can make it happen.

Telink designs the most versatile multi-protocol chips on the market, which means developers can deliver products that work right out of the box. Highly integrated designs allow our customers to streamline their supply chain and save design time. But partnering with Telink goes beyond the SoC. Schematics, reference kits, module and manufacturing partners are resources that our customers need to win in the marketplace, and we’ll work with you every step of the way.

Chips for Smart Lighting

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