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How Bluetooth® Auracast™ Broadcast Boosts Audio Experiences in Public Venues

Telink Staff

May 25, 2023


Attendees listening to a speaker at a conference.

Access audio from a variety of public venues with Bluetooth® Auracast™ broadcast audio — a new way to tune into your world.

Have you ever wanted to tune into a live basketball game on a TV at a bar, only to be drowned out by loud conversations around you? How about wanting to hear concerts or conferences with crisp clarity, even from the very back of the auditorium? There’s now a solution to help consumers better engage with their world: Bluetooth® Auracast™ Broadcast Audio.

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) and Strategy Analytics have released a new report showcasing the public venue market opportunity for Auracast™ broadcast audio, a key capability in Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) Audio that supports shareable public audio transmission to an unlimited number of listeners. In Sizing the Opportunity for Auracast™ Broadcast Audio in Public Locations, Strategy Analytics forecasts 60 million potential use cases across North America, Western Europe, and Asia Pacific. From museums and transportation hubs to gyms and worship venues, Auracast™ broadcast audio will allow users to fully immerse themselves in the various auditory landscapes that surround us. 

Bluetooth® Auracast™ Offers Game-Changing Capabilities

At its core, Auracast™ enables an audio transmitter to broadcast to an unlimited number of Bluetooth receivers. The transmitter could be a smartphone, laptop, TV, or any public audio device — sending audio streams to headphones, earbuds, and hearing aids. This capability opens up endless possibilities to help people interact with each other and the world around them. No more silent TVs in gyms, missed announcements from intercoms, or hard-to-hear speakers at bus stations: Auracast™ will help people hear their best in public places and make audio more accessible for everyone.

Best Near-Term Use Cases for Auracast™

Top Use Cases for Bluetooth Auracast Broadcast Audio

In their study, SIG and Strategy Analytics focused on the potential applications of Auracast™ on cinemas, conference centers, gyms, medical centers, hospitality and restaurants, museums and tourist attractions, offices, places of worship, retail, schools, stadiums, and transportation hubs — all high-traffic, boisterous locations that could greatly benefit from broadcasted audio.

What makes Auracast™ so intuitive is that it accounts for all the unique variables and features of public space, offering different use cases for optimal audio streaming. Here are some of the most likely scenarios we can expect to encounter in the near future:

  • Assistive listening in public spaces. Movie theaters, conferences, medical centers, tourist sites, places of worship, schools, airports — places that rely on public address (PA) systems typically have muffled or soft audio that many listeners can’t hear well. Auracast™ allows consumers to directly receive PA audio in their headphones, earbuds, or hearing aid, so that important announcements, entertaining content, and impactful words are never missed.
  • Assistive listening in public counters. Helpful for those who need an audio boost, Auracast™ enables service counters in banks, shopping centers, stadiums, and hospitals can make timely broadcast messages easier to catch.
  • Silent TV screens. Many people find themselves in waiting rooms and lobbies with muted televisions. With Auracast™, users can pass the time quicker with an enjoyable and satisfying watching experience.
  • Tour Systems. Museums, tourist attractions, and convention centers are already familiar with auditory supplements for tour groups, but Auracast™ brings convenient, dependable, and wireless listening to enhance informative presentations.
  • Multi-language Support. Auracast™ also supports interpretation use cases to provide personalized translation capabilities in real-time for users watching movies, presentations, and other forms of programming.

With so many applications across diverse venue types, Auracast™ will soon become our way to listen closer to life as it unfolds around us.

Explore the Possibilities of Auracast™ with Telink 

While Auracast™ holds promise, there are several considerations developers should recognize. To that end, the Bluetooth Basic Audio Profile (BAP) and Public Broadcast Profile (PBP) specifications define how Auracast™ devices should behave in more detail. Bluetooth SIG also provides additional guidance to assist in the creation of uniform user experiences when using standalone Auracast™ transmitter products.

Auracast™ is the world’s next step into integrated sound, providing a path to the future of wireless and shareable audio. Telink helps you embrace the best of what’s to come. Our feature-rich and forward-thinking SoCs and firmware are designed with technological trends in mind so that you can stay on pace with evolving innovations. Well-suited for Auracast™ broadcast audio and Bluetooth LE Audio, Telink’s TLSR9 chip series offers a great way to dive into today’s newest audio capabilities.

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