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Health and Wellness


Making life smarter and more efficient.

Bluetooth LE has become the first choice for adding intelligence to healthcare devices and consumer goods. Smart healthcare devices and consumer goods use sensors to monitor health and usage data and transmit it to mobile devices for analysis, treatment, and improved user experience.

Telink SoCs

Benefits of Telink Solution

Product portfolio

Disposable Applications

Telink’s highlyintegrated cost-optimized SoCs reduce the number of external components developers must include, making disposable applications a reality.

Product portfolio


Telink’s SoCs have passed comprehensive compatibility tests for most mainstream mobile phones on the market.

Product portfolio

Ultra-Low Power

Telink’s products offer ultra- low power consumption for long device battery life.

Product portfolio

Artificial Intelligence

The embedded power-efficient AI engine in Telink’s SoC enables more intelligent medical devices.

Solutions for Health and Wellness

Bluetooth Combination Mark

Bluetooth LE

The ubiquitous presence, low power consumption and cost efficiency make Bluetooth LE the ideal technology when it comes to mobile phone connection. Telink supports the latest version of Bluetooth standards with its world-class SoCs and SDKs.

Bluetooth Combination Mark

Bluetooth Mesh

This M to M mesh topology based on Bluetooth LE enables applications that involve multiple inter -connected devices or sensor nodes.

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