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Find My Network Accessory

Telink and Ehong jointly announce a production-ready solution to accelerate time to market for third-party accessory products supporting Apple’s Find My network


TLSR9 Series with 32-bit RISC-V MCU, powerful core features and peripheral blocks, is used for advanced IoT/hearable/wearable devices


The TLSR9 series have received the first Thread certificate issued by UL in China and can support Matter standard

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Telink creates custom SoCs for the IoT. Not the internet of things as it is, but as it should be — the one where everything just works. With high-performing, cost-efficient integrated circuits, we enable innovative devices with rich feature sets and out-of-the-box functionality across every vertical. Our solutions maximize performance and achieve competitive pricing at scale for a roster of pioneering clients across the connected device space. We are protocol agnostic and we’re building chips that will power the products of the future.

About Telink

Telink is a global leader in the semiconductor space focused on building innovative solutions for IoT devices. We leverage a robust product portfolio to solve for exacting requirements and help our clients take cutting-edge products to market. Our global team spans North America, Europe, and APAC.


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