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Electronic Shelf Labels


Central Deployment. Flexible Management. Full Control.

From dynamic centralized pricing and in-store heatmapping to automated inventory management, ESL solutions are leading a digital transformation in retail. It is all happening on the shoulders of Telink’s low- power connectivity SoCs designed for seamless management, flexible configuration, and costeffective deployment.

Telink SoCs

Benefits of Telink Solution

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With industry-leading RF performance, Telink’s SoCs power large number of ESLs that dynamically display flexible product information and support centralized synchronous changes.

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Optimized Cost

The number of ESLs required by a typical deployment can easily reach tens of thousands, which can only be achieved by a cost efficient solution offered by someone like Telink.

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Energy Efficiency

Telink’s SoCs are extremely power-efficient, an essential feature for retail environments in which the chore of replacing paper tags should not be replaced with the chore of replacing batteries.

Solutions for Smart ESLs

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Custom 2.4GHz Stack

Telink delivers an efficient custom stack that enables ESL clients to develop proprietary 2.4GHz solutions tailored to their unique requirements.

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Energy Harvesting

Telink partners with industry leading energy harvesting IC supplier to make ESLs energy-autonomous.

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