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Wireless Gaming


By eliminating wire limitations, the advanced gaming gadgets offer improved mobility and better gameplay for gamers. Ultra-low-latency and seamless interoperability are at the heart of today’s wireless headsets, mice, keyboards, and game pads. Telink delivers comprehensive connectivity solutions for players to keep the fun going.

Telink SoCs

Benefits of Telink Solution

Product portfolio

Comprehensive Solution

From wireless headsets to game pads, from mice to keyboards, Telink supports a full array of gaming products – all working seamless together through a universal USB dongle.

Product portfolio

Ultra-Low Latency

Telink’s proprietary wireless audio solutions deliver an industryleading ultra-low end-to-end latency that satisfies the most demanding ears.

Product portfolio

High Speed HID

Telink’s connectivity protocol is optimized from bottom up to ensure high speed response for wireless HIDs, matching the most demanding fingers.

Solutions for Wireless Gaming

Bluetooth Combination Mark

Proprietary Protocol

A completely optimized 2.4GHz protocol that inherits the strength of Telink’s HID and wireless audio solutions, delivering a comprehensiveoffering for a full array of gaming accessories that demand low latency and instant response.

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