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Bluetooth® LE Audio Is Here

Telink Staff

July 29, 2022


Man listening to headphones

Elevate your audio experience with Bluetooth® LE Audio’s full specification suite.

After years of hard work, the entire Bluetooth® LE Audio specification suite is now complete, redefining how we listen to and connect with the world around us. LE Audio introduces a library of novel features, including a refreshed LC3 Low Complexity Communications Codec for higher quality audio and lower energy consumption and Auracast™ broadcast audio for extended interoperability. 

Here’s an in-depth look at how Bluetooth LE Audio’s specifications will enhance hearing aids, transform sound engagement, and guide developers in designing the next generation of Bluetooth technology.

New Specifications in Bluetooth® LE Audio

New specifications in Bluetooth LE Audio

Primary Specifications

Bluetooth LE Audio’s groundbreaking features are supported by the Bluetooth® Core specification and the LC3 Low Complexity Communications Codec. The Bluetooth Core specification supports capabilities such as simultaneous streaming, broadcasting, and audio sharing, making it possible for listeners to extend their auditory experience to friends and family. It serves as the foundation from which more fine-tuned, niche specifications operate.

Bluetooth LE Audio’s LC3 Codec functions with energy consumption in mind by providing better quality sound at a lower bit rate. Driving developers to push the boundaries of audio technology without needing to abide by energy consumption restrictions, this codec is set to replace the sub-band codec (SBC) that was previously the industry standard for wireless devices.

Middleware Audio Specifications

Fresh middleware capabilities embedded in Bluetooth LE Audio’s architecture bridge these exciting internal specifications to external applications, granting more freedom and control to users who want to adopt unique ways of listening. Scalable stream management, audio integration, multi-device coordination, and comprehensive volume, call, microphone, and media control settings comprise the generic audio framework specifications now available with Bluetooth LE Audio, opening new doors for what IoT can offer to any auditory landscape.

From establishing how users can initiate, identify, and join audio broadcast networks, to outlining areas of user authority in multi-stream environments, Bluetooth LE Audio’s middleware features enhance legacy services while enabling a more holistic and interactive audio experience.

Use Cases Made Possible with Bluetooth® LE Audio

Three distinct use case profiles distinguish Bluetooth LE Audio from its prior iterations, with services spanning from hearing aid assistance to telephonic functionality to public broadcasting.

The Telephony and Media Audio Profile (TMAP) builds on what users are already familiar with: basic cable-free maneuverability. Users can still enjoy playing music through Bluetooth-enabled speakers, use wireless earbuds to listen to a podcast while working out, and speak to a loved one safely while driving. However, with Auracast™ broadcast audio, users can now privately share audio to several listeners at once from the same device and extend microphone capabilities for a shared social experience.

Bluetooth Audio’s longest service sector is also getting an upgrade. Its refurbished Hearing Access Profile (HAP) and Hearing Access Service (HAS) unify standards for hearing aid usage worldwide, providing more comfort and accessibility for those needing additional audio assistance. Specifically, users with hearing aids can now connect to public televisions and announcement networks at transportation facilities to remain up-to-date with bus route changes, flight details, news reports, and more in their desired language.

Likewise, LE Audio’s Public Broadcast Profile (PBP) unveils the potential for augmented reality in everyday life. Users have the capacity to interact with a plethora of audio sources as they run errands, travel, visit friends at restaurants, and explore what’s around them. From hearing subway stop announcements to tapping into a coffee shop’s playlist, public and private broadcasts can change how users experience convenience by helping them become more aware of their surroundings and engage with sound the way they want to.

Telink Can Help You Harness Bluetooth® LE Audio

Telink will soon release the latest LE Audio demo, including Auracast broadcast audio, so that developers can get a head start on planning for the future of wireless technology. Now with the availability of the entire specification suite, Telink is undergoing the certification process for complete LE Audio compatibility and will soon deliver the full set of collaterals to support the development of next-generation innovative audio products. Stay ahead of the competition and embrace this new era of connectivity with Telink.

To stay in the loop with Telink’s upcoming Bluetooth® LE Audio demo, contact us today or email directly to [email protected].