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Smart Home


Bringing together all your devices into a unified smart home.

Smart devices that are easy to use and deliver seamless connectivity and convenience are in high demand. From smart lighting systems to smart locks and everything in between, Telink’s chips deliver the high performance, power efficiency, optimized BOM cost, and outof-the-box interoperability developers need to build the home of the future.

Telink SoCs

Benefits of Telink Solution

Product portfolio


Telink’s multiprotocol chips support major connectivity standards, reducing the risk involved in protocol selection for manufacturers and offering greater flexibility.

Product portfolio


Telink’s SoCs have passed comprehensive compatibility tests for most mainstream mobile phones, and are built to operate seamlessly in today’s complex smart home ecosystems.

Product portfolio

Performance & BOM Cost

Telink’s solutions deliver industry-leading connection stability, power consumption, and BOM savings for smart home devices.

Solutions for Smart Home

Bluetooth Combination Mark

Bluetooth® Mesh

Telink was one of the first companies to deliver solutions for Bluetooth LE Mesh, which is now the fastest-growing smart home/smart lighting standard and has been adopted in most Tier 1 ecosystems.

Bluetooth Combination Mark


Integrate devices with Tier 1 customers’ platforms on Telink’s reliable, mature, and cost-efficient 802.15.4 SoCs and protocol stack.

Bluetooth Combination Mark

Thread & Matter

Certified by Thread, Telink can help customers quickly develop IoT smart devices that comply with both the Thread protocol and Matter standards.

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