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Remote Controls


A solution for every protocol.

Telink’s chips power remotes for some of the largest smart TV, set-top box, and OTT box manufacturers in the world. Telink’s RCU product line gives developers the complete solutions they need to build feature-rich, user-friendly remote controls, scale rapidly, and adjust on the fly to new entertainment technology.

Telink SoCs

Benefits of Telink Solution

Product portfolio


Telink’s SoCs deliver great RF performance, ultra-low power consumption, and exceptional audio performance.

Product portfolio

BOM Cost

Telink’s highly integrated SoCs reduce the number of external components manufacturers need to include in their remotes, lowering BOM costs.

Product portfolio

Voice Control

From voice recognition over the cloud to local keyword spotting, Telink offers cutting-edge systems that maximize the impact of the latest features and functionality.

Product portfolio


Telink’s multi-protocol chips support multiple modes of RCU operation – Bluetooth LE, RF4CE, and IR –serving as the foundation of universal remote controls.

Solutions for Remote Controls

Bluetooth Combination Mark

Bluetooth® LE

High-performing, costeffective, and feature-rich, Telink’s Bluetooth LE chips power millions of televisions, set-top boxes, and OTT boxes around the world.

Bluetooth Combination Mark


Telink’s highly integrated Zigbee chips are designed to function across a wide range of devices, including the RF4CE protocol widely used in the remote control market.

Bluetooth Combination Mark

Google Certified Reference

Telink offers a complete set of hardware and firmware reference design to build voice-enabled remote controls for Google TV.

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