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The Basics of Bluetooth® Low Energy Applications

Telink Staff

January 21, 2022


Man uses his smart home Bluetooth applications

The Bluetooth® Low Energy protocol is rapidly growing in popularity, as it offers unique advantages for a range of IoT device applications.

More IoT devices rely on Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) technology than any other wireless solution, making it the top technology for the IoT. As the world shifts more focus on health, wellness, and working from home, analysts predict that wearables and PC accessories will see a significant increase in annual device shipment forecasts. Major solutions to meet market needs include the following categories. 

Data Transfer

From household appliances and fitness trackers to health sensors and medical innovations, Bluetooth technology enables the connection of billions of everyday devices and paves the way for limitless future innovations. Bluetooth LE specifically is used for cases where a device transfers small amounts of data representing sensor data.

Location Services

Strengthened by Bluetooth 5.1, Bluetooth LE is becoming the standard for creating proximity solutions used for point of interest information and item finding as well as positioning systems, such as real-time locating systems (RTLS) for asset tracking and indoor positioning systems (IPS) for wayfinding. Bluetooth has seen strong implementation growth across a number of different verticals, with 66 percent of Bluetooth implementations currently supporting retail use cases.

Bluetooth low energy applications

Device Networks

With Bluetooth (LE) mesh networking, users can control, monitor, and create automation systems where thousands of devices can reliably and securely communicate with each other. Device networks is the fastest-growing Bluetooth solution area. There’s a greater consumer demand for connected home devices like smart blinds, connected lighting, door locks, and other peripherals. Even in cases where Bluetooth LE doesnʼt satisfy the main requirements of a system, it can still be used as a secondary interface to configure a device via smart phone before the main wireless connection is established.

Digital Key Smartphone

Bluetooth LE also turns the smartphone into a digital key. Having achieved 100 percent penetration in smartphones, Bluetooth technology now enables smartphones to be used as a convenient and secure digital key, unlocking doors and spaces as you approach your car, home, office building, and more.

How the Bluetooth® Market Is Changing

The current audio streaming market has been powered by Bluetooth Classic, but Bluetooth LE will take over in the coming years to become the standard wireless audio streaming protocol. Forecasts predict that more than six billion Bluetooth-enabled devices will ship annually by 2025, with LE Audio continuing to drive significant volume and use case growth for Bluetooth earbuds, speakers, and hearing accessibility devices. Analysts also predict that wearables and PC accessories will see a significant boost in annual device shipment forecasts as a result of more people working from home and a greater focus on wellness. Continued interest in asset tracking and indoor positioning use cases will likely further push Bluetooth Location Services growth upwards over the next five years.

Many IoT devices already rely on Bluetooth technology more than any other wireless solution, and Bluetooth LE will only continue making it the top technology for the IoT, with 96 percent of all Bluetooth-enabled devices forecast to include Low Energy by 2025.

How Telink Can Help You Deploy Any Bluetooth® Standards

With its world-class SoCs and SDKs, Telink has received the full spectrum of Bluetooth certifications issued by Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), including the latest Bluetooth 5.2 and Bluetooth 5.3. With these certifications, we can provide our customers with the most comprehensive support for the development of IoT applications, even as Bluetooth continues to evolve.

Telink is prepared to help you achieve long battery life and deploy any latest Bluetooth standard, depending on your application’s needs. 

Please visit our wiki to learn more about all our development tools, or ask us a question through our Technical Forum or by contacting us directly today.