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Telink Semiconductor announces that it has been appointed a Bluetooth® Special Interest Group (SIG) Board of Directors company

July 10, 2019

Low power wireless IoT silicon specialist Telink Semiconductor today announces that it has been appointed a Bluetooth® Special Interest Group (SIG) Board of Directors company and now joins Apple, Bose, Ericsson AB, Intel, Microsoft, Motorola Mobility (Subsidiary of Lenovo), Nokia, and Toshiba on the Bluetooth SIG Board.

In an official statement released, the SIG announced that Haipeng Jin from Telink has joined the Bluetooth SIG Board of Directors for a two-year term starting in July 2019. The Bluetooth SIG Board of Directors plays a vital role in driving the expansion of Bluetooth technology to address the needs of a growing number of consumer and commercial markets.

“The addition of Haipeng Jin from Telink to the Bluetooth SIG Board of Directors is an honor and we look forward to Haipeng’s expertise and creativity,” said Mark Powell, executive director of the Bluetooth SIG. “With the rapid growth of Bluetooth to provide commercial and industrial solutions such as connected lighting, asset tracking, and access control, the expertise Telink provides will be beneficial as Bluetooth continues to add capabilities and enhance the technology to meet market demands.”

“We are honored for the appointment, “said Dr. Wenjun Sheng, CEO of Telink Semiconductor, “Telink has been one of the fastest growing semiconductor companies and our Bluetooth-based chip is one of the major pillars of our product portfolio. We see immense potential for Bluetooth to become one of the most ubiquitous low power wireless Internet-of-Things (IoT) technologies.”

“Bluetooth SIG is actively driving the technology forward with continuous innovations; there are great features in every generation of the Bluetooth roadmap, such as mesh networking, Long Range, and direction finding with angle-based measurements. We are very excited about the multiple on-going projects within the SIG and believe that they can help to strengthen the leading position of Bluetooth in the IoT arena. We look forward to contributing to the evolution of the Bluetooth technology with this appointment.”

Dr. Sheng adds, “Telink has been aggressive on our roadmap for Bluetooth and other complementary IoT technologies, we are few of the earliest to provide production level Bluetooth Mesh solutions and are also among the earliest to support Bluetooth 5 and the recent positioning enhancements. Many of our customers are building innovative applications on our chips taking advantage of the latest features including high speed, long range, and direction finding. We will continue to offer chipsets that support the new Bluetooth standards as they come out and provide quick-to-market, performance enhanced, cost efficient solutions to our customers.”

Telink Semiconductor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a privately-held fabless IC design company with subsidiaries and offices in Shanghai, Santa Clara, Shenzhen, Ningbo, Taipei, Hong Kong, and London. Telink is dedicated to the development of highly integrated low power radio-frequency and mixed signal system level chips for IoT applications. The current product portfolio from Telink includes low-power 2.4Ghz SoCs for Bluetooth, Zigbee, 6LoWPAN/Thread, and Homekit, serving numerous markets including smart lighting, home automation, smart city, and other consumer electronics markets. With constant innovation, Telink Semiconductor continuously expands its IoT chipset offering to the customers with rapid time-to-market solutions and exceptional performance and cost.