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Telink Semiconductor to Illuminate EdgeTech2023, Pioneering the Future of IoT Chip Technology

November 6, 2023

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Telink SemiconductorがEdgeTech2023に出展、IoTチップ技術の未来を切り拓く

Telink Semiconductor is thrilled to announce its forthcoming attendance at EdgeTech2023, where we are set to engage with the forefront of global IoT innovators. The event is scheduled to take place from November 15th(Wed) – 17th(Fri), at the PACIFICO Yokohama Exhibition Hall, Japan. 



Renowned as a premier provider of IoT chips, Telink Semiconductor is unwavering in our commitment to offering the most advanced chip solutions to a global clientele. Our showcase at EdgeTech2023 will highlight our stellar TLSR8 and TLSR9 series SoCs, exemplifying our industry-leading product range. These low-power, highly-integrated SoCs boast a myriad of rich interfaces, making them a cornerstone in various IoT applications, including Smart Homes, Remote Control, Wireless Audio, Human Interface Devices, Wearables, Electronic Shelf Labels, Location Services, Wireless Gaming, Health and Wellness, and Bluetooth Dual-mode multi-connection.




To facilitate an immersive understanding of cutting-edge IoT technology, we have thoughtfully curated a series of application demonstrations. Of particular note are our Zigbee Direct Demo and Bluetooth & UWB Module Demo, both of which will showcase Telink’s prowess in the development and application of the latest wireless technologies.


中でも注目すべきは、Zigbee Direct DemoとBluetooth & UWB Module Demoで、Telinkの最新ワイヤレス技術の開発と応用における実績を余すところなく披露しております。

EdgeTech2023 presents an exceptional opportunity for Telink to foster profound dialogues and collaborations with esteemed customers and visitors from around the globe. We eagerly anticipate the chance to connect with you on this dynamic platform, delving into the trends and potential applications of IoT chip technology. (Visit Telink at Booth No. A-N17)


私たちはこのプラットフォームで皆様とお会いし、IoTチップ技術の開発動向と応用展望について議論できることを、心待ちにしております。(TelinkブースNo. A-N17)

For any inquiries or to explore collaboration prospects, please do not hesitate to reach out to us:

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