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Syntiant and Telink Unveil Voice Interface Reference Design for Smart Remotes

Telink Staff

December 15, 2022

Remote control and semiconductor

On-device edge AI for custom wake words and commands enables hands-free operation without cloud congestion or reduced battery life.

Irvine, Calif., December 13, 2022 – Syntiant Corp., a leader in delivering end-to-end edge AI solutions for always-on applications, today announced the availability of a new reference design that will enable ODMs and OEMs to easily and quickly deploy complete, ultra-low-power, deep learning voice processing applications in remote controls.

Syntiant collaborated with Shanghai-based Telink Semiconductor Co. to develop the production-ready reference design that includes the Syntiant® NDP120 Neural Decision Processor™ and Telink’s TLSR9 Series SoC, which features dual-mode compatibility with Bluetooth® LE and classic Bluetooth®.

“Our collaboration with Syntiant brings to market a full, ready-to-use, multilingual reference design, enabling manufacturers to quickly and efficiently deploy hands free voice interface capabilities in smart remote controls,” said Wenjun Sheng, CEO at Telink Semiconductor. “Syntiant’s low-power deep learning architecture along with our Bluetooth solutions deliver greater functionality and performance at an attractive price point, while optimizing battery life.”

With multilingual support including Mandarin and English, the remote control reference design is now available and suitable for manufacturers of media streaming devices, including smart TVs and set-top boxes, home entertainment and gaming systems, as well as smart home applications. 

“We continue to see an increase in demand for voice functionality as people rather use hands-free speech to control their devices,” said Kurt Busch, CEO of Syntiant. “However, sending wake words and commands to the cloud for processing is expensive and inefficient. With our neural decision processors and edge-optimized deep learning models, we can perform the AI processing required on the device itself, eliminating the cloud congestion and associated costs. Our collaboration with Telink has enabled us to provide a compact, highly accurate voice interface that consumes minimal power.”

Syntiant’s suite of edge-optimized hardware and software solutions enables ODMs to quickly and easily add intelligence to almost any device for a variety of always-on voice, sensor and image applications, providing customers with a natural interface free from cloud connectivity, ensuring privacy and security. The company’s data platform is designed to ingest data from crowdsourced or proprietary sources, expand the data set with synthetic data generation and produce high quality datasets for training. 

CES 2023

Syntiant will be demonstrating its end-to-end deep learning solutions for always-on vision, audio and sensing applications at CES 2023. Visit to schedule a demo of the company’s technology being deployed in smart homes, battery management systems, teleconferencing solutions and event detection devices, among other use cases.  

About Syntiant  

Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Irvine, Calif., Syntiant Corp. is a leader in delivering end-to-end deep learning solutions for always-on applications by combining purpose-built silicon with an edge-optimized data platform and training pipeline. Syntiant’s advanced chip solutions merge deep learning with semiconductor design to produce ultra-low-power, high performance, deep neural network processors for edge AI applications across a wide range of consumer and industrial use cases, from earbuds to automobiles. The company is backed by several of the world’s leading strategic and financial investors including Intel Capital, Microsoft’s M12, Applied Ventures, Robert Bosch Venture Capital, the Amazon Alexa Fund and Atlantic Bridge Capital. More information on the company can be found by visiting or by following Syntiant on Twitter @Syntiantcorp or LinkedIn.  

About Telink Semiconductor

Founded in 2010, Telink Semiconductor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a semiconductor-design company dedicated to the development of high-performance and low-power wireless IoT system-level chips and protocol stacks. The company is headquartered in Shanghai, with multiple subsidiaries and offices in North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region. Telink’s main business is the design and sales of integrated circuit chips while also providing related technical consultation and services. Its main research, development, and sales of its chips include Bluetooth® Classic, Bluetooth® Low Energy, Bluetooth® Mesh, Zigbee, 6LoWPAN/Thread, Matter, Apple HomeKit, Apple Find My, and 2.4GHz private protocols. More information on the company can be found by visiting or by following us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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