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Introducing Telink’s New Product Selection Tool Website, Along With Other Online Toolkits

August 6, 2021

Telink’s new webpage tools makes it easier than ever to browse, research, and understand our extensive product selection.

When you’re on a chip manufacturer’s website and see a large number of product models, are you at a loss as to which one is most suitable for your project development? Or maybe you thought you did enough research, carefully selected a certain chip model, and contacted the manufacturer’s sales team, only to be told it is not a primary product or is not suitable for your product application?

The same is true of the chip factory: Telink’s sales team spends much time communicating with their customers about their projects. Not only will Telink check which chip products are most suitable for your needs, but the team will also guide customers to quickly and accurately select models while providing a complete set of technical data and workflow. Telink’s mission has always been to lower R&D thresholds and help customers achieve a faster product launch.

As a result, Telink recently unveiled the official launch of its product selection tool website. Telink has always prioritized building tools with developers’ needs in mind. We previously launched online discussion forums and Wiki informational pages successively. Combined with the latest product selection tool, they comprise the three parts to getting started with Telink. Below we introduce a tutorial for each component.

Telink Product Selection Tool

*There is no need to register an account. It is recommended that you use a PC terminal.
The main interface of the website is simple:

  • The left sidebar provides feature filters with drop-down capabilities: single selection, multiple selection, scroll bar dragging, value range specification, and more.
  • The right table provides a list of chip performance details with performance comparison between multiple product models. To view a product detail page, click on the product type (Part Number).

Example 1: Under “Protocol,” you can multi-select Bluetooth® LE and Zigbee, specify RAM value range 32KB ~ 64KB and flash value range 512KB~1MB. Under “Status,” you can select mass production as the chip status. The list that populates contains six product models that meet the screening requirements. Select the first three product models for comparison. The parameters then marked in red signify a difference in items. Click “Show Differences” to view the specific differences.

Product details page:

  • The links at the top left point to the chip’s specifications and resources (usually linked to the respective Wiki page). You will find the Dev Kits list on the lower left side with their description and links to download and purchase the corresponding development kits, development boards, and reference designs.
  • The right provides an overview of the product.

Telink Wiki Information Page

* No need to register an account. Either a PC or a mobile phone can be used to access the page.

The Wiki information page sorts and categorizes technical data by chip, development tools, software, and hardware, with explanations and download links. In addition, a demo based on the Telink development kit is provided for popular product applications so that customers can quickly get started and evaluate the process.

  • Chip Series
    • Chip selection table
    • Chip test report: RoHS, reliability, chemical composition
    • Datasheet
    • SDK, quick start guide, and development manual
    • Hardware Design Guidelines
    • Development boards, development kits and reference designs
  • IDE and Tools
    • IDE and Compiler
    • Burning and Debugging Tools (BDT)  
  • Manufacturing and Testing
    • Manufacturing JIGs
    • BQB test documents and instructions
    • Radio Frequency (RF) test tools and descriptions
  • Protocols
    • Telink chip-supported multiple wireless connectivity protocols    
  • Solutions
    • Key Application solutions
  • Hardware
    • Development kit and demo

Telink Online Discussion Forums

To participate in the discussion forums, you will need to register for an account, which will be activated with a simple email verification. The forums can be accessed via a PC and mobile phones.

Developers can post technical questions on the forum to be answered by Telink staff in an interactive Q&A format. You can also search through the forums for answers to related questions. Telink’s engineering team will also regularly update some common problems and solutions in the FAQ section. In addition, IDE activation codes for Telink’s new TLSR9 series chips are registered through the forums and distributed free of charge.

Access to Telink’s Official Website

Access to all three tools are also provided on Telink’s official website:
To directly access the Telink Product Selection Tool, click on the “Product” tab in the menu navigation bar.

Clicking on the “For Developers” tab on the main navigation bar will lead you directly to the developer tools pages, as well as the Wiki informational pages.

About Telink Semiconductor

Founded in 2010, Telink Semiconductor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a semiconductor-design company dedicated to the development of high-performance and low-power wireless IoT system-level chips. The company is headquartered in Shanghai’s Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park. In addition to multiple subsidiaries in the Asia-Pacific region, it also has offices in North America, Europe, and India.

Telink’s main business is the design and sales of integrated circuit chips while also providing related technical consultation and services. Its main research, development, and sales of its chips include traditional Bluetooth®, Bluetooth® Low Energy, Zigbee, 6LoWPAN/Thread, Apple HomeKit, and 2.4GHz private protocol and other low-power wireless chips. The industries involved are smart lighting, smart home, wearables, wireless peripherals (HID), new retail, wireless toys, wireless audio and headphones, industrial control, smart cities and other IoT and consumer electronics-related products.

Telink has high-level chip design capabilities that stem from rich experience in chip design and is at the forefront of the industry in the research and development of IoT chips. Telink is committed to providing customers with high-performance and high-quality products, helping customers quickly launch new products, and establishing long-term, stable and mutually beneficial partnerships.