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Case Study: Supporting a Tier One Personal Productivity Device Manufacturer

Telink Staff

February 18, 2022

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Telink won supplier awards during the past two years for work in the personal productivity device market. Here’s how we did it.

In early 2018, Telink sales representatives uncovered an opportunity to prove the performance and capability of our integrated circuit (IC), software development kits (SDK), and customer support structure for a client within the personal productivity device market. Through extensive collaboration with our client — a world-leading manufacturer — Telink surpassed expectations, delivered great value to the client, and won a couple of awards along the way.

The process of supporting a tier one personal productivity device manufacturer

The Premise

Before the project began, our technologies were thoroughly assessed against the client’s own criteria and that of their existing supplier, a global market leader of the low-power connectivity SoC. Shortly after we successfully passed the rigorous evaluation on both our IC and SDK, Telink’s CTO, along with several key team members, flew over to the client’s headquarter for face-to-face technical meetings that spanned two days, with global Telink employees tuning in remotely.

Telink learned that this manufacturer was utilizing a customized protocol based on a 2.4GHz connectivity chip from their current supplier for a high-volume wireless personal productivity device. We offered that we could provide a chip of the same caliber, but at a reduced cost. Our client ultimately requested a final product incorporating Telink parts and firmware that would deliver the same function and performance as their supplier’s parts, given that the end product would use a mix of both. In order to prove that our products could live up to the challenge, we went straight to work.

Project Design-In

Telink’s IC, SDK, and System departments held several meetings with our client’s internal staff to begin brainstorming concepts and distributing project roles. Leaders from the engineering division and a dedicated project manager were assigned to manage the entire development process from prototyping through production ramp-up. We worked hand in hand with the client and held weekly status calls with their development and production teams around the world. 

Leveraging our rich experience in low-power wireless devices, we were able to quickly turn the client’s product specification into a functioning system. Although we encountered several technical issues along the way, our team acted as soon as they were spotted and managed to resolve them through close collaboration with our client. Meanwhile, our commercial and legal teams cemented supply agreements between us and the client, with operation audits taking place in parallel.

By honing in on our design-in process, we completed the design work for client’s product in early 2019. In order to get ready for the final production, we also assisted the client in establishing the production test procedure and obtaining product certifications. In June 2019, the mass production finally began at the manufacturer’s China plant — but our work was not done yet. 

Our Performance

To gauge the success of the product and address any pop-up issues, we worked with our client and sales teams to establish a management system where we could monitor demand forecasts and areas for product performance improvement. Through these means, we have been able to fulfill the client demand on time ever since the production launch. 

In response to the COVID pandemic, our client sought supply assurances as early as 2020. In a quick turnaround, we created a Business Continuity Management process in order to secure our collaborative relationship. Largely due to our excellent delivery record and product reliability, we have seen steady demand growth from our client, reflecting the increasing trust we have gained over time. 

Achieving Excellence 

As a result of our efforts and successful execution, Telink received supplier awards for two consecutive years after the product went into production: the Engineering and NPI Award in 2020, and the Special Award for COVID Support in 2021.

Although the project is now completed, we are still looking for ways to innovate and elevate. With our forward-thinking and client-focus mentality, Telink is here to support and guide manufacturers and developers from all industries to achieve product excellence and business success. 

Please visit our wiki to learn more, or ask us a question through our Technical Forum or by contacting us directly today.