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An approachable smart home platform.

Apple’s HomeKit platform (running over Bluetooth LE) brings Apple-style ease-of-use to the smart home. With proven solutions for HomeKit in hand, developers can leverage Telink’s Bluetooth LE expertise to deliver HomeKit-enabled devices into a massive and engaged installed user base.

Benefits of HomeKit

The Apple Ecosystem

With millions of devices out in the wild and robust user buy-in, developers bringing emerging products to market have a leg up with HomeKit.

Apple-Level Security

No one takes user privacy and security more seriously than Apple — and developing on top of the most secure SOCs in the industry is a no-brainer.

Designed for Usability

Built for ease-of-use, HomeKit comprises a user-friendly platform that puts the smart home directly into users’ hands.

Applications for HomeKit

With an already sizeable share of consumer-facing applications, HomeKit is poised to further expand its presence in the smart home.

Telink Chips for HomeKit


HomeKit-certified SoC supporting multiple concurrent protocols. Offers a rich set of IOs, high performance RF, and low power consumption, and is available with extended temperature support.


HomeKit-certified SoC with a rich set of IOs. Available with extended temperature support.

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