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Development Kits


B91 Generic Starter Kit

The TLSR9 series is the latest addition to Telink’s family of high-performance, ultra-low power RF connectivity SoCs. The TLSR9 integrates a powerful 32-bit RISC-V MCU with a variety of outstanding core features and peripheral blocks to provide a foundation for advanced IoT devices.

B80 Generic Starter Kit

TLSR8208 is the latest cost-effective multi-protocol wireless connectivity SoC launched by Telink. It supports Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 and proprietary protocol in the 2.4GHz band. The chip has excellent RF performance and boosts a link budget of 107dB at 1Mbps. Thanks to its high degree of integration, only a minimum of 7 external components are required for the development of devices using this chip. The TLSR8208 provides common peripheral interfaces and various packaging options, making it ideal for developing basic IoT devices and wireless transceiver modules.

TLSR8278 Generic Starter Kit

The TLSR827x series adds several key features on top of what the TLSR825x delivers. It has a flexible antenna element switch to fully support Bluetooth LE 5.1, is RF inductor integrated (reducing BOM costs), and offers an audio enhancement and a WiFi PTA hardware interface.

Kite Generic Starter Kit

The TLSR825x series delivers an ultra-low power (ULP) concurrent multiprotocol IoT solution on the ISM 2.4GHz band. It has full protocol support for Bluetooth LE 5.0. It also supports Bluetooth Mesh, Zigbee, RF4CE, HomeKit, and 2.4GHz proprietary.

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