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Unlimited Audio Sharing is Now Possible with Bluetooth® Auracast™

Telink Staff

June 14, 2022


Two children share audio through Bluetooth headphones

Auracast broadcast audio breathes new life into how we audibly experience our day-to-day lives.

Goodbye Bluetooth® Audio Sharing, hello Auracast™! The rebranded audio broadcasting interface comes with upgraded capabilities, making audio more shareable than ever before. As a capability enabled through Bluetooth® LE Audio, Auracast broadcast audio refines currently available features, such as multi-streaming and low-power data transfer, to allow for more flexibility, seamless connectivity, and expanded accessibility.

What really makes the Auracast system stand out is its emphasis on social broadcasting — the ability to transfer audio to an unlimited number of in-range Bluetooth® devices. From concert venues to gym TVs, here’s how Auracast will change the way we listen to our world.

Innovative Use Applications with Auracast™ Broadcasting

How users will enjoy Auracast broadcasting

Auracast™ broadcast audio will not only make life more enjoyable to experience — it’ll make it easier to navigate. Instead of struggling to hear flight announcements over constant chatter or straining to listen to a live conference from a distant seat, users will be able to use their Bluetooth device to connect to public audio transmission systems and receive these feeds directly into their Auracast-enabled headphones or hearing aids. This case can be applied in various venues where vital information can’t be missed, like public transportation, places of worship, and government offices such as post offices or motor vehicle agencies.

For a dip into augmented reality, Auracast broadcast audio allows users to tap into muted televisions in public spaces. This way, users can engage more with the media around them to make every moment interactive, from immersing in a workout program at the gym to learning about wellness tips in a medical waiting room. Likewise, users can share their personal audio experiences with others by inviting them to join in from their respective devices so that songs and movies are both privately and collaboratively enjoyed.

Auracast broadcasting starts with a Bluetooth-enabled device, such as a smartphone, TV, tablet, or computer, that transmits a signal embedded with data about the broadcast itself. This data could include the name of the broadcast, the audio type, or the content being broadcasted. Auracast-compatible devices can then scan for this signal, much as users now scan for available Wi-Fi networks. Through an interface, users can then select the broadcast of their choosing. Once a broadcast has been selected, the user’s hearing device connects to the transmitted audio for instant listening.

For developers, Auracast broadcasting features open up creative possibilities where innovative IoT products can take us all towards a uniquely connected future. Through open channels or privately secured ones, developers now have more ways to help users listen. 

The Latest in Bluetooth® LE Audio Capabilities

The low-energy nature of Bluetooth® LE Audio facilitates high-quality audio transfer without compromising battery life, allowing users to do more with less. Auracast broadcast audio is just one pillar within Bluetooth® LE Audio’s extensive wireless audio capabilities, which also include synchronized streaming and a high-level efficiency codec.

Multi-Streaming grants users the power to transmit various independent yet synchronized audio streams from a single control source, such as a smartphone or tablet, to nearby receivers. For users, this means smoother connections that can switch back and forth with ease and little disruption. For developers, this carves out opportunities to invent new ways to integrate audio interoperability across all devices users use daily.

Low Complexity Communications Codec (LC3) is the new standard configuration that comes with Bluetooth LE Audio, which developers can harness to increase the quality and capacity of their products without sacrificing battery life. What was once a standard limitation of the past is now easily maneuverable, which means the devices that users rely on can better keep up with their busy schedules.

Linking Devices Better with Telink and Auracast™ Broadcast Audio

Telink’s best-in-class SoCs and firmware are designed to be efficient, cost-effective, and on pace with technological trends so that you can experience the best of what Bluetooth can offer. With their state-of-the-art specifications, Telink’s TLSR951x is best suited for Auracast audio broadcasting and Bluetooth® LE Audio’s growing library of features, ensuring that developers and users alike have new possibilities ahead of them. 

To stay in the loop with Telink’s upcoming Bluetooth LE Audio demo, featuring Auracast support, contact us today or send an email directly to [email protected].