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Ultra-Low Latency


Crisp, clear audio is just milliseconds away.

From massive e-sports arenas to the average consumer’s living room, audio latency has become unacceptable in nearly every context. Listeners should not even have to think about their wireless audio devices — they should simply be able to enjoy clear, uninterrupted audio. Our customized solutions deliver ultra-low latency and ultra-low power consumption for long device battery life and help developers reduce their supporting hardware costs.

Benefits of Telink SoCs

Tailored solutions

Tailored Solutions

We keep pace with industry standards and work closely with IDH partners so we can deliver an IC and software stack combination that can be tailored to customers’ unique needs.

Optimized timing

Optimized Timing

Our fine-tuned scheduling mechanism ensures optimal audio quality while maintaining high report rates, dramatically reducing latency.

Performance and BOM cost

Performance & BOM Cost

Our solutions deliver industry-leading connection stability, power consumption, and BOM savings for ultra-low latency devices.

Solutions for Ultra-Low Latency

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