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Intelligent chips for intelligent security systems.

The smart home starts and ends with the front door. With keyless entry, remote monitoring, and dynamic user authentication, smart locks and connected security systems bring convenience and peace of mind to home security. We build powerful, reliable, highly secure SOCs to enable the next generation of smart home security applications.

Supercharged Security

Built for the connected home

Smart homes run on multiple protocols — smart locks need to integrate with all of them.

Cost-efficient connectivity

Best-in-class connectivity meets best-in-class cost-efficiency.

Secure by design

We deploy the latest cryptographic protocols to protect both data at rest and data in transit on our chips.

Smart Homes are Safe Homes

The demand for smart security is growing at an incredibly rapid pace, which means there’s no shortage of opportunity for innovation. The proliferation of product types means that connectivity and interoperability are integral components to the overarching success of new smart lock products.

Because smart security relies on a dependable flow of information, our high-quality RF is designed for continuous connectivity. Our ultra-efficient chips offer years of battery life, which savs consumers the trouble of switching batteries. What’s more, our standards-based approach ensures that locks with Telink chips can communicate with industry-trusted sensors and the top-selling smart home technologies.

Built for Tomorrow, Delivered Today

With Telink’s trusted manufacturing partners, you can take cutting-edge devices to market with greater speed than ever before. Put the next generation of home security solutions at your customers’ fingertips before your competition does.

As consumers become increasingly security-conscious, they expect their devices to be as future-proof as possible. Telink’s technology supports established ecosystems like HomeKit, meaning that customers can plug their devices straight into their existing setups. Our modules and advanced reference designs are built to move products into the future with speed and precision.

The Telink Smart Lock Architecture

Consumers want smart locks with long battery life. To offer them peace of mind, we’ve developed cost-efficient, low-energy hardware that helps manufacturers bring smart lock technology to more consumers. Meanwhile, we’ve baked robust security into both our hardware and our software stack. We understand how important this is, especially during a time when physical and cyber security pose large threats to companies and individuals alike.

Power- and cost-efficient, with strong RF for long-range connectivity and multi-ecosystem compatibility, Telink’s silicon and stack is building the foundation of the modern smart security system.

Solutions for Smart Locks

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