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Industrial Applications


For a unified Industrial Internet of Things.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is making digital transformation a reality. Transform industrial operations with powerful IoT technologies built on chips designed for out-of-the-box compatibility. Telink gives hardware developers the tools to bring IIoT solutions to life.

Local Solutions, Global Benefits

End-to-End Visibility

Smart sensors and applications help executives understand their businesses like never before.

Real-Time Data

Industrial IoT sensors enable unprecedented visibility and real-time analytics.

Powerful, Even at Low Power

Robust solutions built for custom implementations and the most demanding conditions.

Powering Digital Transformation in Every Industry

Smart devices are transforming the industrial landscape. As warehouses and factory floors continue to build IoT networks and integrate connected devices into daily workflows, enterprises will become more efficient, safer, and grow at faster speeds than ever before.

Every industrial machine, sensor, and device has the potential to serve as a rich data well for powerful analytics. These data assets can be leveraged to add even more value to enterprise operations, whether via predictive maintenance or operational optimization.

The proliferation of IoT devices in the industrial landscape comes with an exciting opportunity to build better connections between devices. Whether you’re using gateways or mesh, we bring the expertise necessary to help you make those connections.

Lose the Serial Cable — and the Cart

Long gone are the days of IT cards and RS-232 — serial ports are now a technology of the past. With mesh networks and a single smartphone, your engineers can run diagnostics with greater efficacy than ever before. They can even skip the problem altogether with data-driven predictive maintenance.

With more data being pulled into the cloud, industrial manufacturers can predict and address equipment failures before they even take place. Just imagine an AI calling for a repair on a critical machine before a human worker even knows an incident has occurred. That’s the future.

The Telink Industrial Application Architecture

With an a la carte menu of standard-based protocols, we offer a wealth of mature connectivity solutions. This flexibility is just what IIoT device-makers need to go to market with the products manufacturing enterprises are increasingly seeking out.

With SoCs that support multiple protocols, we give our partners the ability to offer a streamlined product catalogue that gives end users exactly what they need — right off the shelf. Designed for low power consumption and high efficiency, industrial-grade devices built on Telink architecture will achieve high-performance over long periods of time.

Solutions for Smart Industrial Applications

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