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Consumer Packaged Goods


Everything can be connected — including the package.

Connect everything: This is the IoT’s promise and sole directive. Toothbrushes, mirrors, milk bottles, blenders — even the packages themselves. Capture valuable data, gain critical customer insights, and give your users the connected experience they want.

CPG: Connected Packaged Goods

Data, data, everywhere

Analyze consumer behavior and track product usage. Know what your customers are thinking and make them think “this rocks.”

A revitalized customer experience

Ensure product availability, reduce friction in the purchasing process, and make every unboxing a magical experience.

(Wireless) Connection Planning

Leverage connected products to reach customers at the right time. Combine with post-purchase data to enable powerful analytics and strategies.

Massive Scale

CPG is all about scale — and so are we. For every wireless protocol and every product in CPG, we possess the requisite technical know-how to bring connected products to a global market with lightning-fast speed. We bring a unique combination of innovative potential and high-volume delivery to a space that demands both.

Pairing wireless connectivity with consumer packaged goods promises to produce a wellspring of high-value applications. However, the market requires partners to deliver Goldilocks solutions — and that’s exactly what we do. As a pioneer of Bluetooth LE mesh, we’re intimately acquainted with the process of realizing industry-disrupting products on the largest scale.

Cost-sensitive Applications

Unnecessary features aren’t features at all — they add cost, complexity, and barriers to performance. Products should be built to do what they need to do — and only what they need to do — with highly-integrated, power-efficient SoCs designed for hyper-cost-sensitive CPG applications.

The philosophy behind our chip design puts integration and efficiency above all else. We leverage BOM components like RF matching circuits, Flash, and other elements to lower your design and manufacturing costs through best-in-class efficiencies. Meanwhile, options for OTP memory-based solutions provide even lower costs for single-use and single-function applications.

The Telink Consumer Packaged Goods Architecture

We build cost-sensitive, power-efficient hardware with reliable protocol stacks that are certified to industry standards. Our reference BOMs and schematics comprehensively document our hardware so you have all the information you need when designing your solution.

At Telink, we promise to bring as much passion as expertise to the product development process. Our drive to expand the universe of connectivity and generate value from communication is endless — just look at the innovation produced though our strong industry partnerships.

Solutions for Consumer Packaged Goods

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