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Connected Toys


Game on.

Telink’s solutions for the latest and greatest toys to hit the shelves keep the fun going. No more dead remotes or broken connections — Telink keeps connected remote control toys connected.

Build Outside the Toy Box Solutions

Ultra-Low Power

Get more play for your power — and reduce supporting hardware costs in the process.

Controls for Days

4-channel PWM, voice, IR, gyro detection, and bi-directional controls — everything you need to put your users in the zone.

Go the Distance

With maximum ranges of more than 160 feet, our solutions deliver the long-distance play experience today’s users demand.

A New Way to Play

The toys of tomorrow will be connected. From robots and race cars to UAVs of every stripe and color, a new way to play is coming — and it’s all based on powerful, reliable, feature-rich RF connectivity.

This new paradigm is centered around smartphones, whose powerful capabilities can be leveraged to expand connected toys into new universes of entertainment. A non-connected toy has a fraction of the capabilities available for control and interactivity — this makes Bluetooth® LE the protocol of choice. And Bluetooth® Mesh technology brings even more possibilities, including multi-toy connectivity and beyond. These new capabilities are poised to bring killer features to market and leapfrog the competition.

Security for Connected Toys

In the connected toy space, consumers demand the best security. Unfortunately, this space is chock-full of preventable security errors. Fortunately, we know what many of those errors are. We can work with you, your manufacturer, or even independent auditors to ensure best practices in IoT security. We support our clients through the development process to ensure that their security is always robust and up-to-date.

From firmware dumping through the debug port, we understand the basic methodologies and vulnerabilities hackers use to exploit poorly-secured hardware. We also understand what’s required to prevent these exploits — namely, a silicon partner that’s committed not only to delivering a secure SoC, but also ensuring a secure integration and COPPA-compliant end product as well.

The Telink Smart RC Toy Architecture

Above all else, toys should be affordable, reliable, and easy to use. Telink silicon delivers high-performing, reliable wireless connectivity, all at the lowest cost in the industry. Above all else, we’re focused on broader adoption: We want to grant as many people as possible access to the next generation of connected play experiences.

With our diverse product catalogue, we can help connected toy manufacturers achieve tailored solutions for a wide range of performance and cost requirements. Our highly-integrated, feature-rich chips allow hardware designers to eliminate complexity, reduce bill-of-materials costs, and take products to market at a price that works for a diverse array of customers.

Solutions for Smart RC Toys

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