Based on the high performance TLSR series of 2.4GHz RF SoC, Telink provides solutions for remote control toys, including remote control 4-axis aircrafts, airplanes, cars, boats, etc.

Compared to existing solutions, Telink solution for remote control toys provides longer control distance, stronger anti-interference performance with world-wide available 2.4GHz ISM frequencies.


Features and Benifits

● Receive terminal
–  4-channel PWM to control motor speed;
–  Supports Gyro detection to control balance of the airplane in flight, so that the airplane won’t spin.

● Remote control terminal
–  Supports direction and motor-power detection to conveniently control direction and speed by two rockers;
–  Supports position detection of the steering engine;
–  Supports calibration of the steering engine by 8 calibration buttons.

● Supports voice-input and IR functions.

● Supports remote control toy by mobile phone with embedded BLE.

● Longer remote control distance than general remote controllers: over 50 meters.

● More sensitive reaction and precise location for the integration of signal receiver, speed controller and Gyro.

● Strong anti-interference capability to enable simultaneous flight of multiple airplanes with the same working frequency.

● Remote control flight function: forward/backward movement, left/right turn, left/right side flight, rise/descend, hover, accurate positioning, 360-degree rotation, fine speed adjustment.