Smooth Touch with Thinner Screen

Telink touch controller solution offers the most cost effective touch experience without sacrificing touch performance. Telink touch provides an easy-to-use interface for screen navigation, application selection, interactive input, and much more, allowing the consumers to interact with the mobile computing, communication, and entertainment devices in more intuitive fashion.


Telink’s touch solution offers the following advantages:

● Easy drop-in to replace current solution

Telink hands out a total solution for our customers, including ASICs, firmware, and manufacturing tools. Most importantly, Telink touch ICs are hardware and firmware compatible with major touch solutions on the market, the customers can switch to our cost effective solution without any change in their current design: the touch panel manufacturers can switch without any changes to the FPC and the sensors; the handset manufacturers can switch to touch panel with our solution without any additional driver changes.

●  Fast response for improved experience

Scanning a big touch screen takes only several milliseconds and thus allowing the user’s motions to be tracked in real time. Telink touch technology has the flexibility to dynamically adjust the scan frequency up or down as needed to conserve power.

● Accurate touch on single layer sensors

Advanced design in Telink touch solution allowsthe customers to achieve accurate touch while using low cost single layer sensors that requires much less complexity in manufacturing and provides much higher yield rate. Even with touch screen size up to 7-inch, the ICs can still detect close-together touches precisely and unambiguously. The technology is also good with repeated touches on a small area (such as soft keyboards), different finger sizes, and different angles of touch.

● Smooth touch even with self-capacitance sensors

There are two ways of measuring the capacitance change on touch screen: self-capacitance and mutual capacitance. Telink’s touch solution supports both variances for the diverse market needs. In mutual capacitance type solutions, the touch location is determined by an array of finely defined cross points on the sensor, and it is easy to achieve high accuracy and multiple touch capabilities, with Telink touch being one of the highest performance ICs. In self capacitance solution, touch location is determined by capacitance change on an entire row or column of touch sensors, Telink’s solution provides innovative algorithms to allow not only full screen fast and accurate touch response, but also more than 2 touch points reporting.

● Support for direct-bonding

With Telink’s solution, the customers can provide direct-bonding touch modules with single layer, self-capacitive touch sensors and greatly reduce the module cost, while still achieving higher transparency, reducing reflection, and providing more crispy display. The touch module is more robust and contaminant-resistant.

● Interference tolerant

The Telink touch solution implements effective internal noise suppressing techniques to combat noisy frequency bands, interference from LCD panel, interference from chargers, and variations caused by water or smears.


Telink Capacitive Touch Controller IC Selection

Telink TLSC6306 Telink TLSC6206
Package QFN48 QFN40
Channel No 36 28
Max. Channel Resistance <100K <100K
ITO Pattern Single Layer Self-Cap Single Layer Self-Cap
Reporting rate >200Hz >200Hz
I/O Volt 1.8-3.6V 1.8-3.6V
Power supply 2.6v-3.6V 2.6v-3.6V
Max. TP size 7 4.3
Current-active <10mA < 10mA
Current-sleep <20uA < 20uA
ESD ±8kV ±8kV
Max. Point 2 2