Smart Lock is the traditional lock in combination with wireless/remote control modules to achieve energy saving, high efficiency, and more intelligent usage. Smart Lock is an integral part of the smart home, smart office, and intelligent transportation / smart city evolution.

Features and Benefits

● Low cost and high energy saving
–  HomeKit Door Lock based on BLE: The service life is minimum 12 months powered by 4 dry batteries.
–  Low BOM cost

● Easy to use
–  Easy to control & manage: versatile control by fingerprint, IC card, password, remote control, smart phones/pads, or PCs.
–  Easy to install: no need to change the existing structure, simple retrofitting, consumer accessible

● Good user experience
–  Visible real-time status, Alarm & Notification, High level of security

Telink Smart Lock Functions

● Lock Mechanism Service: Lock/Unlock, Current State
● Battery Service: Battery Level, Charging Status, Low Battery Warning
● Lock Status Service: Password, Fingerprint, APP, Key, Card, Manual, Reset
● Alarm & Warning Service: Security Assurance, Archived Log Data

Telink can provide mature & complete solutions