Wireless smart lighting refers to the dynamic control of lighting devices using distributed sensors, wireless/remote control systems to achieve energy saving, high efficiency, and more convenient usage. Smart lighting is an integral part of the smart home, smart office, and smart city evolution, it offers the following advantages compared to traditional lighting systems:

● Up to 90% more efficient
● Great for the environment – less energy, fewer bulbs, less harmful materials
● Beautiful, customizable light that improves the user experience

The wireless smart lighting solution provided by Telink Semiconductor Inc. allows the customers to easily implement the following features:

● On/Off Control
● Dimming and color space (Luminance / Saturation, RGB) control
● Grouping control
● Scene mode Control
● Timer or Sensor integration
● Control Bridge
● Mesh networks
● Power consumption profiling

With Telink’s smart lighting solution, the customer can easily switch to a more energy efficient, pleasing lighting system and enjoy:

● Low installation cost: no need for control wiring, simple retrofitting, and consumer accessibility.
● Ease of control through remote controls, smart phones/pads, or PCs.
● Ease of management through remote access and automatic sensor based controls.

Telink Smart Lighting Architecture

To accommodate diverse market needs and various customers’ requirements, Telink Semiconductor provides a number of technology options for addressing smart lighting needs, including Zigbee Light Link solution, Bluetooth Low Engergy solution, and 2.4Ghz proprietary solution.

Telink BLE MESH Features

● Compatible with BLE 4.0 or upper protocol stacks. Enabling existing devices with BLE 4.0 to directly interact with smart lighting systems by simply installing an App.
● Multiple-hop control, all relayed through the BLE light devices.
● No central hub needed. Facilitate the rapid development with low-cost to enter the market.
● Simple network control and maintenance. Allow controllers or devices to be added or removed from the lighting system easily.
● Secure access and control, to ensure the security of user information.
● Support OTA: Firmware can be delivered to Mobiles or Gateways through cloud, new features and firmware to be upgraded and updated to the all Mesh nodes within the network easily.

Telink BLE MESH Key Adcantages

● Key BLE mesh patents filed globally
–  Multi nodes online/offline status reflected in real time with Telink patented network traffic control technology.
–  Synchronized control mechanism within multi-hop/large mesh network; All nodes can be controlled to act at synchronized time instant

● More versatile usage of RF channels in Telink solution
–  Use more RF data channels in addition to advertising channels, more immunity to interference and BLE device crowded environment

● Same hardware for Homekit support
–  HomeKit BLE SDK: Fast and convenient HomeKit solution development
–  Any mesh nodes can be turned into a HomeKit/TMesh gateway
–  Control the nodes in mesh simply by Siri

Telink Smart Lighting Solution Technologies

Zigbee BLE 2.4Ghz
Data Rate 250kbps 125Kbps ~ 2Mbps 2Mbps
Cost Low Low Very Low (footprint < 16KB)
Power Low Low Low
Coverage Long Medium ~ Long Medium
Network Mesh P2P, Mesh, Homekit Over BLE P2P, Multicast
OTA 1-1 and Network 1-1 and Network No
Smart Phone Access Gateway Direct Gateway
Remote Access Gateway, Voice Assistant Gateway, Voice Assistant Gateway
Smart Home Integration Easy, support diverse devices Easy, support diverse devices Harder to add different devices
Inter-Operable Standard Yes Yes Yes