With the widespread of Internet based smart TVs and Over-the-top boxes, smart remote control has become an integral part of the user experience. An advanced smart remote control replaces the traditional IR with RF connections for better range, non-line-of-sight connection, and much higher data rate; the smart remote control allows rich functions and features for not only basic TV/Box operation but also abundance of games, apps, and services.

Based on the high performance BLE, RF4CE, or 2.4Ghz series RF SoC, the Telink remote control solution offers multiple benefits including: high level of integration, excellent RF performance, low power consumption, and ultra low BOM component counts.

The Telink Remote control solution can support various peripherals, a selection table is shown as follows.

Chipset TLSR8366/8368 TLSR8646 TLSR8261 TLSR8267
Status MP MP MP MP
Technology 2.4Ghz RF4CE BLE Non-audio BLE (2.4Ghz, multiple mode)
Keys/Buttons RC + Qwerty RC+Qwerty RC RC+Qwerty
Digital Mic Y Y
Analog Mic Y Y
Audio Y Y
3/6-Axis Gyro/G-Sensor Y Y Y Y
IR Learning Y Y Y Y
Flying Wheel Y Y Y Y
Touch Pad (1) Y Y Y Y
Tracking Ball Y Y Y Y
Lion Battery Y Y Y Y
AAA/AA Batteries Y Y Y Y

Features and Benifits

● Supports one-way or both-way voice functions

● Supports tens of buttons

● Excellent RF performance
–  Key press distance > 30m
–  Audio distance > 10m
–  Six-fold anti-interference mechanism: interference avoidance; adaptive frequency hopping; adaptive retransmission mechanism; spread-spectrum modulation; patented frequency backup technology; advanced error correction coding, supports IR remote control and learning.

● Ultra-low power consumption

● Motion control

● Digital microphone
–  High SNR (Signal-to-noise ratio)
–  Powerful anti-interference performance
–  Good consistency

● Advanced wireless audio transmission technology
–  Adaptive audio compression technology
–  Reliable RF link protection: retransmission, error correction code
–  Configurable uplink and downlink bit rate for different applications