Features and Advantages

● Works over all versions of Bluetooth 4.0 / 4.2 / 5.0.
–  Enabling existing devices to directly interact with BLE mesh network bysimply installing an App.

● Simple network control and maintenance. Allow controllers or devices to be added or removed from the mesh network easily.

● Gateway/Hub supported but not mandatory for deployment.
–  Only needed if remote access/control needed.
–  Gateway is implemented by adding a simple Telink BLE module to existing Wifi/IP routers. USB / UART or other interface support as needed.

● Multiple-hop control, all relayed through the BLE mesh devices.

● OTA firmware upgrade for easy feature upgrades.

● Secure access and control, to ensure the security of user’s mesh network.

● All Telink’s BLE SoC are certified by Bluetooth SIG.


Mature and proved Wireless Smart Lighting Solution

● MP in tier-1 deployment over the world

● Allows the customers to easily implement the following features:
–  On/Off Control
–  Dimming and Color (Luminance / Saturation, RGB) control
–  Grouping and Scene mode Control (Support N-to-N)
–  Status Reflected in Real Time
–  Synchronized Control Mechanism


Development Tools and Ecosystem

● Schematic and Layout

● Telink Tool Chain, Eclipse IDE

● BLE stack, Profiles and UIs

● Free Android and iOS App references

● Mesh Lighting and Other BLE Application references