The TLSR8510/TLSR8513 are Telink-developed low-power, high-integration 2.4G wireless mouse/USB Dongle ROM SoCs, respectively.

The TLSR8510 Mouse can be used in combination with TLSR8516 or TLSR8366 Dongle. The TLSR8513 USB Dongle chip can only be used with TLSR8510 mouse.

Both chips are RoHS-compliant and 100% lead (Pb)-free.

Block diagram

The TLSR8510/TLSR8513 is designed to offer high integration, ultra-low power mouse/USB dongle application. It integrates an advanced 2.4GHz RF transceiver, a powerful 32-bit MCU, 6KB on-chip SRAM, 10KB ROM, a quadrature decoder (QDEC), flexible I/O interfaces, and nearly all of the peripheral blocks needed to construct wireless mouse solution.

The system