General Description

The TLSR8358F64/TLSR8358F512 is dedicated to 2.4GHz RF System-On-Chip solution, such as RF ID, private network, Beacon applications, etc.

The TLSR8358F64/TLSR8358F512 integrates a power-balanced 32-bit MCU, 2.4GHz Radio, 48kB SRAM, 64kB (TLSR8358F64) or 512kB (TLSR8358F512) internal Flash, a general-purpose ADC with PGA, 6-channel PWM (1-channel IR/IR FIFO), one quadrature decoder (QDEC), flexible GPIO interfaces, and nearly all the peripherals needed for 2.4GHz RF System-On-Chip application development.

The TLSR8358F64/TLSR8358F512 has hardware OTA upgrades support and multiple boot switching, allowing convenient product feature roll outs and upgrades. The TLSR8358F64/TLSR8358F512 also includes multi-stage power management design allowing ultra-low power operation and making it the ideal candidate for power-constraint applications.

Target Applications??????

  • RF ID
  • Private network
  • Beacon

Key Features

3-byte or 7-byte Unique Chip ID

32-bit proprietary microcontroller

  • Better power-balanced performance than ARM M0
  • Instruction cache controller with 2kB cache RAM memory
  • Maximum running speed up to 48MHz

Memory architecture

  • Internal 64kB (TLSR8358F64)/512kB (TLSR8358F512) Flash
  • 48kB on-chip SRAM, including two independent 8kB SRAMs with retention in deep sleep, and one 32kB SRAM without retention in deep sleep

Flash features

  • TLSR8358F64: Total 64kB (0.5Mbits)
  • TLSR8358F512: Total 512kB (4Mbits)
  • Flexible architecture: 4kB per Sector, 64kB/32kB per block, up to 256 Bytes per programmable page
  • Write protect all or portions of memory
  • Cycle Endurance: 100,000 program/erases
  • Data Retention: typical 20-year retention
  • Multi firmware encryption methods for anti-cloning protection

RF transceiver

  • 2.4GHz RF transceiver embedded, working in worldwide 2.4G ISM band
  • 2.4GHz proprietary 1Mbps/2Mbps mode with Adaptive Frequency Hopping feature
  • Rx Sensitivity: -91dBm (DCDC enabled), -92dBm (DCDC disabled) @ 2.4GHz 1Mbps; -88dBm @ 2.4GHz 2Mbps
  • Tx output power: +5dBm (supply power by DCDC)/+8dBm (Boost Mode)
  • Single-pin antenna interface
  • RSSI monitoring with +/-1dB resolution
  • Auto acknowledgement, retransmission and flow control

Power management

  • Power supply of 1.9V~3.6V
  • Embedded DCDC
  • Battery monitor for low battery voltage detection
  • Brownout detection/shutoff and Power-On-Reset
  • Multiple-power-state to optimize power consumption

Low power consumption

  • Rx peak current (digital modules not included): 2mA @ 3V
  • Rx peak current (total chip @ 3.3V, 24MHz RC): 8mA
  • Tx peak current (digital modules not included): 6mA @ 3V, 0dBm power; 5mA @ 3V, 5dBm power
  • Tx peak current (total chip @ 3.3V, 24MHz RC): 6.7mA @ 0dBm power, DCDC PA power 1.4V; 12mA @ 5dBm power, DCDC PA power 1.4V; 26mA @ 10dBm power, DCDC PA power 3.3V
  • MCU current: 90uA/MHz
  • Deep sleep with SRAM retention: 1uA @ 3V
  • Deep sleep with external wakeup (without SRAM retention): 0.7uA @ 3V
  • Shutdown: 0.2uA @ 3V

RTC and other timers

  • Clock source of 24MHz&32.768kHz Crystal and 32kHz/24MHz embedded RC oscillator
  • Three general 32-bit timers with four selectable modes in active mode
  • Watchdog timer
  • A low-frequency 32kHz timer available in low power mode

Digital and analog interfaces

  • Up to 11 (ET24) / 5 (ES16) GPIOs depending on package option
  • Interface only for ET24: SPI/I2C, USB, UART with hardware flow control
  • Interface only for ES16: SWM (Single wire Master)
  • Common interface: SWS (Single wire Slave)
  • Up to 6 channels of differential PWM
  • 1 channel IR/IR FIFO for IR generation without MCU intervention
  • One quadrature decoder
  • 14bit ADC with PGA and Temperature sensor
  • Low power comparator

Embedded hardware AES and AES-CCM

Compatible with USB2.0 Full speed mode

Operating temperature range: -40