General Description:

The TLSC6306/TLSC6206 is Telink-developed latest generation single-chip self-capacitive touch panel controller SoC. With built-in 32-bit RISC processor and CDSP module, the TLSC6306/TLSC6206 is featured with outstanding noise immunity, fast response, low power consumption, excellent accuracy and linearity, as well as perfect waterproof performance.

The TLSC6306/TLSC6206 is designed to work with self-capacitance type sensor, and supports user-friendly gesture control and up to two-point touch with a capacitive touch panel.

The TLSC6306/TLSC6206, which operates in the -40℃~+85℃ industrial temperature range, can be applied to a diverse group of portable devices, such as cellular phones, tablets, and GPS navigator. It is RoHS-compliant and 100% lead (Pb)-free.

Key Features:

Features TLSC6306 TLSC6206
Package TQFN-48, 6X6X0.75mm

UQFN-48, 6X6X0.55mm

TQFN-40, 5X5X0.75mm

UQFN-40, 5X5X0.55mm

Touch sensor G/G, G/F, P/F, OGS, Ultra-thin G/F

(Support ITO traces; support direct bonding; support frameless TP)

ITO pattern single layer self-capacitance
Touch panel size 4.3’’~7’’ 2.8’’~4.3’’
Response time Power-on time: <75ms; Latency time for first touch: <12ms. Scanning speed: up to 200Hz
Operating voltage 2.6V~3.6V
Operating temperature -40℃~+85℃
Supported channel number 36 28
Supported channel driving resistance <100KΩ
Supported single channel capacitance Up to 400pF
Power consumption Current-active: 10mA (Typ); Current-sleep: 20uA (Typ)
Multi-point touch Up to 2 points
Glove mode Support
Anti-interference performance Immune to noise from RF, LCD and power supply


Function Description:


  • OTP: 32KB;
  • SRAM:

Supported Interfaces: CTP sense pins; GPIO/I2C/SWS.

Digital part:

  • A 32-bit RISC processor with a 32×32 multiplier and a 32/32 divider;
  • Embeds CDSP module to obtain accurate coordinate of touch points via firmware;
  • 3 Timers.

Analog part:

  • CTP driver & sense module
  • Temperature sensor
  • 12-bit ADC
  • Clock: Embeds a 48MHz RC oscillator and a 400MHZ RC oscillator.
  • Embeds a step-up DCDC to provide power for internal OTP writing.
  • Embeds a 32KHz RC oscillator to generate a clock for suspend mode wakeup.

Typical Applications:

  • Smart phone
  • Tablets
  • Digital camera
  • GPS navigator
  • Portable media player
  • Game consoles

Development tools:

A full set of development tools are provided with the TLSC6306/TLSC6206 SoC for self-capacitive touch panel controller solution, which include EVB, reference design and SDK for customers to perform evaluation, quick application prototyping and firmware development.


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