IoT Applications on Telink Platform

With our mature cost-effective low power platforms, Telink Semiconductor is helping our customers to commercialize their products at increasingly faster paces. The applications span areas of smart homes, smart cities, smart lighting, wearables, health and fitness, computer peripherals, security, retails, logistics, banking and many more. Our expertise in balancing low power design, high performance, and low cost allows us to help customers creating differentiated, power-efficient, and interoperable IoT devices at affordable prices.

Smart Lighting

Telink Semiconductor provides a number of technology options for addressing smart lighting needs, including Zigbee Light Link solution, Bluetooth Low Energy solution, and 2.4Ghz proprietary solution.

Smart Remote Control

Based on the high performance BLE, RF4CE, or 2.4Ghz series RF SoC, the Telink remote control solution offers multiple benefits including: high level of integration, excellent RF performance, low power consumption, and ultra low BOM component counts.

Electronic Shelf Label (ESL)

E-ink screen can display price, product name, bar code, promotion information dynamically.

Allows centralized price / promotion changes synchronously, reduced maintenance and management effort.

Long distance robust data updates, secure data transfer with encryption, low power for long life.

Bluetooth Mesh

Works over all versions of Bluetooth 4.0 / 4.2 / 5.0.

Mature and proved Wireless Smart Lighting Solution.

MP in tier-1 deployment over the world.


Telink Bluetooth LE SDK supports the development for Apple HomeKit devices according the latest standard. HomeKit enables Apple devices to communicate with and control Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices in the home, such as smart locks, lights, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems, and sensors, and more.

Smart Home

Telink’s smart home solution is based on open standard mesh technologies such as BLE Mesh, Zigbee, Thread. Telink also provides Apple HomeKit based smart home solutions to easy integration with iOS systems. All the Telink solutions offer a wide range of devices and reference designs to help customers to bring innovative features for an enjoyable, efficient, and safe home environment.

Remote Control Toys

Based on the high performance TLSR series of 2.4GHz RF SoC, Telink provides solutions for remote control toys, including remote control 4-axis aircrafts, airplanes, cars, boats, etc.

Compared to existing solutions, Telink solution for remote control toys provides longer control distance, stronger anti-interference performance with world-wide available 2.4GHz ISM frequencies.

PC Peripherals

Based on the high performance TLSR series of 2.4GHz RF SoC, Telink 2-in-1 wireless mouse and keyboard solutions offer multiple benefits including: high level of integration, abundant features and functions, general system compatibility, excellent RF performance with long communication range, low voltage alarm, multiple stage power management to minimize power consumption, and few BOM components.

Smart Lock

Smart Lock is the traditional lock in combination with wireless/remote control modules to achieve energy saving, high efficiency, and more intelligent usage. Smart Lock is an integral part of the smart home, smart office, and intelligent transportation / smart city evolution.

Cold Chain Logistics

Sensor Network is mainly used in the field of information collection and automatic control.

Low power consumption, short distance, low data rate, and low complexity.

Demo demonstrates the information feedback collected by the temperature sensor at the nodes.